Electronic Music Production Studio

Haus Quake is a recording studio based in Portsmouth, UK. We specialize in electronic music styles, Techno, House, Electro, Electronica, EDM. If you want synths and drum machines in your music then we are the place for you.

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Electronic Music Production Studio

Welcome To Haus Quake

A space born from a passion for electronic music, with over 30 instruments it is a room full of inspiration for aspiring or established artists. A synthesiser heaven a drum machine utopia, vintage analogue and modern classics combine to produce limitless creative possibilities.

If you want synths and drum machines in your music, whatever the genre, Haus Quake is the place for you. Haus Quake is open to all, no matter your experience so with this in mind we offer flexible sessions from hourly to full and multiple-day bookings.

Each project is different so contact us to talk in more detail.

The Studio

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All the hardware you could ever want or need in one space! Tim is extremely knowledgeable about all the gear & the software side of things. He can help with projects you might be stuck with and help you get them over the line. He is also a lovely guy to boot!

Alex Cave

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