For owner Tim Cook, Haus Quake is the realisation of a dream spanning decades which finally became a reality in 2022. A passion for making music has existed in him since he picked up his first set of drumsticks aged just 15 and the rest as they say is history!


Haus Quake is a space for artists of electronic music genres to write, record, develop and learn. We strongly believe that the artist is ‘the talent’, be it as a musician, vocalist or producer and Haus Quake is here to fill in the gaps to take an idea to a finished piece, or provide the workspace for individuals to go it alone.


Mastering grade Prism Sound audio conversion, class-leading preamps and world-renowned outboard all brought together with Slate Raven touchscreen technology to give you ultimate digital control over the ultimate analog sound.


Let’s face it, they are cool….. so why not have a room filled with them?? We can’t think of a reason not to. It is a considered collection of vintage analog, digital and modern classic synths and drum machines all of which offer something different.


Haus Quake is a place to learn, be it with one of our engineers in a one-to-one, part of a group session, or with one of our online courses. We want to share our knowledge with you like many have shared their knowledge with us over the years.


Founder and owner of Haus Quake studio and artist with releases on International DeeJay Gigolos, Souvenir, Lucidflow, Rhythm Cult and his own label Wolf Trap. A lover of analog and raw productions which inspired the Haus Quake kit list, his DJ sets and his own productions

Reset Robot

Dave Robertson AKA Reset Robot is one of the UK’s most respected electronic music artists with a plethora of solo releases on Drumcode, Hotflush, Mobilee, Pokerflat, Sci+Tec, Truesoul, Intacto, We are the Brave and his own Whistleblower imprint. He is also known for his engineering work with the likes of Alan Fitzpatrick, Charlotte DeWitte, Monika Kruise and Adam Beyer regularly visiting his studio over the years.


Operator is the alias of South Coast UK Techno producer Rich Jones, known for his heavily percussive, hypnotic but powerful atmospheric grooves on such labels as MORD, MindTrip, Soma, Audio Assault, Singular, Blue Hour, CLR, Kanzleramt, Geushky, 0-1 and his own imprint, Gnosis Records. Rich has appeared on the Invites Choice, Ilian Tape and MindTrip podcasts, and has played at events such as Jaded (London), Tresor (Berlin), Play Techno (Kiev), Fold (London) and Konstruct (San Francisco) amongst others. He collaborates with Radial on live show: ‘Aeons At Play‘.


Tim’s expertise and knowledge in music production were truly remarkable. He guided me through every step of the process, offering valuable insights and suggestions that enhanced the quality of my work. His passion for music was infectious, and his dedication to helping me achieve my artistic vision was unparalleled.

Brad Goddard