Haus Quake Electronic Music Studio

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The heart of Haus Quake

Haus Quake is an electronic music studio in Portsmouth, UK. The studio is available for dry hire or hire with an engineer.

A space born from a passion of electronic music, full of inspiration for aspiring or established artists. A synthesiser heaven, a drum machine utopia, vintage analog and modern classics combine to produce limitless creative possibilities.

Analogue soul, digital heart…

Mastering grade Prism Sound audio, class leading preamps, high end outboard and state of the art Slate Raven touchscreen technology brings together the best of the past, present and future

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Firstly massive congratulations to Tim for setting this little gem of a studio up, cracking sound, wall to wall with production delights and an infinite knowledge to back it up with, had a cracking day moving some unfinished business forward, if like me you got loads of bits half finished….drop this man a line… level for sure. Mixing beats with pleasure is the way forward guaranteed to have cracking day. See ya soon fella…..OBA

Ben Jackson

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