10 of The Best Compressor VST Plugins in 2023

  1. FabFilter Pro-C 2:
    • Known for its transparent sound and versatile features, the Pro-C 2 from FabFilter offers precise control over compression parameters.
  2. Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor:
    • Modeled after the legendary SSL G Series bus compressor, this plugin by Waves is widely used for its classic analog sound.
  3. UAD 1176 Collection:
    • Universal Audio’s emulation of the classic 1176 compressor in a VST format. It includes various models based on different hardware revisions.
  4. Cytomic The Glue:
    • Modeled after the SSL bus compressor, The Glue is known for its smooth and transparent compression, making it popular for mix bus processing.
  5. Native Instruments VC 76:
    • Part of the Vintage Compressors bundle, the VC 76 is Native Instruments’ take on the classic 1176 FET compressor, providing a warm and punchy sound.
  6. Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Kotelnikov:
    • This is a mastering-quality dynamic equalizer with a flexible and transparent compressor. It’s known for its precise control and low-latency performance.
  7. Slate Digital FG-X Virtual Mastering Console:
    • Although primarily a mastering plugin, FG-X includes a transparent and versatile compressor that is renowned for its ability to add punch and clarity.
  8. iZotope Ozone Dynamics:
    • Part of the Ozone mastering suite, Ozone Dynamics offers a versatile compressor with multiple modes suitable for various applications, including mastering.
  9. Sonnox Oxford Dynamics:
    • This plugin is known for its precision and transparency, making it a favorite for both mixing and mastering engineers.
  10. PSP VintageWarmer 2:
    • While not a traditional compressor, VintageWarmer 2 is a versatile analog-style compressor and limiter known for its warmth and character.

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