5 Great Max for Live sequencers for Ableton Live

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of our favourite Ableton Live sequencers that are frequently used here at Haus Quake.

H1: Ableton Live Sequencers

1. Mono Sequencer

Included in the Max for Live Essentials Pack the Mono Sequencer is a 1 to 64 step sequencer with separate dedicated sequencers for note, velocity, octave, duration and note repeat. Notes can be locked to key, scale and all its sequencers can be randomised. The Mono Sequencer is very flexible and pleasing results can be achieved in seconds.

Live 9 Standard (version 9.5 or higher)
Max for Live

2. Phase Looper

Designed by our very own Max Burnell this midi sequencer is inspired by the ideas of Steve Reich and specifically aims to translate audio phase looping into midi processes. This sequencer does this via its mode ‘note select’ in which the user is able to select the step in the sequence that they want moved to the beginning each time it completes.


Live 9 Standard (version 9.5 or higher)

Max for Live

Cost: TBC

Available from us soon

3. Slink

There are 3 devices included in this pack created by Hypnus Records, the sequencer device is Slink MIDI.

Slink MIDI is an intriguing and complex note generator and sequencer controlled by two independent Slink wave engines. Interesting sequences can be generated when experimenting with the clock dividers and trigger conditions.

Live 11 Standard (version 11.0 or higher)
Max for Live
Cost £49.00

5. Euclidean Sequencer Pro

Euclidean Sequencer Pro is a fast and intuitive polyrhythmic sequencer built by M4L developer Alkman. It has 4 Highly customisable 4 voices that can create ever evolving melodic and percussive sequences.

Cost $19+

Buy https://alkman.gumroad.com/l/EuclideanSequencerPro

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